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Knowledge is power. When used effectively with diligent work to back it, it can help you to get out of homelessness or build your wealth if you are poor but not homeless. 


If you are homeless, I recommend learning more about budgeting, getting and keeping a job, possibly job specific education, available resources to the poor, and otherwise. I recommend learning specific to whatever may have left you homeless. For instance, if you have a disability, I recommend learning about how to cope with that disability and how to receive help for that disability. If you have an addiction, I recommend learning more about the science behind addiction in general and specific to your addiction and about resources that might be beneficial. If you have had major issues with your family and friends, I recommend reading up on how to thrive socially & make a positive contribution to those around you. If you have a criminal record, I recommend learning about programs that help those with criminal records to get jobs.

If you're 16-24, looking for free education that includes a home, check out Job Corps

Multi-tasking is an important skill.

If you have a car & wouldn't get too distracted by it to be accident-prone, I recommend listening to audiobooks & free educational & devotional material while driving. If you go to work by bus, it can be faster to read, unless you're like me with greater difficulty reading long passages than listening to audios.

Certain household tasks that don't require much thought can be better by multi-tasking. While I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush, I listen to the Bible while performing a wall sit to strengthen my legs.

With most jobs, I don't recommend multi-tasking on the job.

The Bible App is a free resource with audio for the Bible, below I list additional audiobooks, Youtube has a plethora of tutorials, and free readers are available that allow you to copy and paste written content for the e-reader to read aloud to you while you drive.

Libraries are an excellent resource to utilize in America. With a small amount of funds, you don't need to be limited to the library. You can get headphones from the Dollar Tree. You can get a used Blackberry, as I have, from Ebay for around $30. You don't need to connect it to a service like Verizon in order to use certain features on one that has Wifi, like the internet, email, etc. You just need wifi, like a library, Starbucks, Panera, or many other places have. You can get a microSD card on Black Friday to upgrade the memory very cheaply. With that, you don't even need wifi all the time to have access of tons of books and educational resources you can download while you do have wifi. 

Free Public Domain Audiobooks:
Books, Music, Videos on

Free Ebooks & Otherwise from the Newport News Library

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