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Get a Home

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Above: Adam in a shelter he made exclusively from the wild & stayed in for a 3 day camping trip (including a storm the first night, where he stayed warm), excepting the bag filled with leaves for the door.

In this article, I wanted to go over some of the various avenues to acquire a home, primarily geared toward those who are currently homeless.

Acquire Assistance to Expand Your Home Options

Acquire Income to Expand Your Home Options

Free or Very Low-Cost Options for Temporarily Getting a Home:

Homeless Shelters Around the US

SE VA Homeless Shelters

Camping in National Forests (Free, No Permit Required, For "Dispersed" Camping up to 14 days/30 Days/Forest (& in some cases Site at Least 5 Miles Apart)

Where to Find Free Camping Options

Work for Room & Board

Paid Options for Getting a Low-Cost Home:

Subsidized Rent

Live-Aboarding in an Automobile

Live-Aboarding in a Boat

Subsidized Home Purchase

Rent Out a Room


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