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The best free way to get online is probably at the library. See computer labs in Newport News here, or go to your local library to see how you can access a computer to get online. An easy way to see your nearest library, often including hours of operation and the library website, is Google Maps. Sometimes, libraries may require library membership or residency requirements in order to access wifi or computers with internet, so be sure to bring your identification, and ideally, proof of residency (i.e. a utility bill) if you are trying out a library for the first time in your city/county.


Another great way to get online is to purchase a smartphone with wifi if your current phone doesn't have internet. Over a decade ago, I would purchase blackberries that are available for around 30$ used off Ebay. I have been very satisfied with $30 Blackberries that I never connected to a network, simply using them for their wifi and other smartphone features while using another simple call and text phone. 


Another option is by purchasing a used laptop or new Chromebook or other laptop that can be purchased for $100 or less at times.

If you chose one of these wifi options, places to get unlimited wifi include libraries, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, public universities, many McDonalds, and a wide variety of other locations.


Once online, you can google things like "I am homeless I need help" where I found this HUD resource & this other resource.  


I Googled "How do I get free wifi at home." I found this list with a number of options, including an app called "WiFi Map: Find Internet, VPN". I found another great list here, You can find more options for internet for those with low income here

Wefi offers an app where you can locate the free wifi closest to you, showing you a map and a list with the distance from you. 

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