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Medical Tips & Services


I. Prevention is Where Medical Starts
II. Medical Services
III. Dental Services
IV. Patient Advocates

Prevention is Where Medical Starts

If you have children, it's critical that you teach them well by word and deed. Your children should propel you to being a healthier person, knowing that if you are healthy, & teach them to do the same, they are much more likely to be healthy than if you only did one or the other. Beyond your family, your peers and cultural surroundings can have a big impact on your pursuit of health. Some people don't believe in the "culture of poverty." One of the clearest examples of it that I can think of is when I was dining as a homeless person at a homeless shelter with around 50 or 100 other men. There was a good amount of seconds on all 3 courses: the meat, the potatoes, and the peas. The meat and potatoes were cleaned out, while I was the only person who got seconds on peas. Knowing that my diet as a homeless person at the time was low on fiber & that this was an excellent opportunity to recoup some of those losses, I got a full plate of them.

Keep in mind that with more water than most people drink, a higher fiber diet than most (especially those of low income), proper weight, and avoiding substances like alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs, & taking other preventative measures, many health problems are avoided. Just because you had a relative that lived a long age who was a chain smoker and alcoholic, for instance, doesn't mean that you'll have the same results by doing similar. My grandfather died before I was born at an early age due to cancer caused by both despite incredibly resilient genes. It's important to keep in mind the side effects of even prescription drugs. When considering a healthy weight, it's important to not just look at BMI, which can be skewed by below or above-average muscle content. For instance, your BMI could appear fine while you are very weak, or your BMI could seem high although, in reality, you may be perfectly healthy but strong. 

For those making less than $30,000 for a household in our area, the last time I checked there was a free membership at the YMCA. Those making more may still be eligible for a reduced rate. Even if you don't have a YMCA near you or would make too much to qualify for assistance to one, there are many alternatives.


If you have any joint, back, or bone sensitivity, running might not be the best long term solution. My 5 most enjoyable forms of exercise are men's group sports, walking fast in nature, swimming, biking, & water sports with a paddle like kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Be sure to stretch after warm-up though & stay hydrated. I have grossly torn muscles before (the worst the nurse had ever seen) due to not stretching or staying hydrated enough. With biking, it's especially important to stretch your hamstrings; if you don't, you can pull or tear them as soon as you transition to other activities and exert yourself to your peak like I did. Keep in mind that sometimes you can get kayaks & other options for water sports for free, $100, or some other low cost, but before you get one, be sure that you have a good place to store it and transport it to and from the water where you can freely use it. Also, keep in mind that some websites are scams, so if something looks too good to be true from a website you've never heard of before, it's a good idea to google it for reviews. For instance, I found this kayak selling for $20, but upon doing a Google search on the website, it looks like a scam site that was created in the past few weeks for scams. If buying from Craigslist, keep in mind that there aren't reviews, so buyer beware and do your homework, making sure that something floats. In the case of Offerup, there are reviews, but I've had an occasion where someone still scammed me on it (a gas oven where the exterior looked good, the stove worked ok but the oven leaked gas). If that occurs, consider taking them to small claims court (if they won't give you a refund & you have practiced Matthew 18:15-20 if you are a Christian) where you don't need legal representation. It's good to have conversations recorded though in some fashion for sales, and pictures can be helpful as well. 

Many people don't realize the negative impact that the sun has on their skin if they aren't getting sunburned. See this article to get a much better idea about that. Seeing it has made me much more prone to protecting myself through multiple means from the sun. Skin baking in the sun all day without protection can be more harmful than a few cigarettes, even if it tans. Those who are not white are not exempt either. A multi-pronged approach including clothes like hats, sun-protective measures in your car, and suntan lotion applied and reapplied properly are all helpful.  

The better care you take of your teeth, the less chances you'll have to need to go to the dentist. Brushing within 30 minutes after meals at least twice a day and swishing water after any eating including snacks or any drinking that has some form of sugar is a big help. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis can also be quite helpful at preventing cavities when combined with personal maintenance. Flossing is also very important on a daily basis.  

Getting good, regular sleep can make a big difference. Many think that if they get a certain number of hours, they are fine, but many do not have regular enough sleeping times, and shoot themselves in the foot in the process even if they think they're getting enough time because of the way that the body works. Many still don't get enough hours of sleep, and a small amount of people get too much sleep. Not enough exercise can lead to poor ability to sleep, as can stimulation, such as from your phone, within an hr prior to trying to sleep. Exercise too late can negatively impact sleep as well.

Stress can have a high impact on your physical health, whether physical, mental, or emotional stress. Church, prayer, Scripture, worship, counseling, many pets, & physical exercise can all reduce your stress levels. It's very important to find the right passages, church, etc. though, as some churches can do more harm than good due to toxic environments. Some passages are not the most applicable in this time for you in Scripture. Some counselors can give bad advice or not enough advice at all. 

If you have some form of insurance, be sure to look out for any free services provided. My insurance, for instance, provides free annual check ups with my primary care physician. Sams Club members can receive some free prescription drugs in most states including VA. 

Financially preparing for medical expenses goes beyond insurance. Dave Ramsey's baby steps are an excellent way to not only move toward better finances but also better preparations for your medical care in the event of higher than anticipated medical expenses. Another way to financially prepare for medical expenses that Dave would not approve of is by having good credit, and then either acquiring credit cards with 0% promo APR that would be sufficient to cover your expenses, acquiring loans as they arise, or otherwise. Keep in mind though that the credit ramifications can be more severe for loans and credit cards than they are for medical if you were to get into default, and keep in mind that if you put over 30% of a card's credit limit on it, especially if you are carrying a balance and don't have much other credit, the results can be negative on your credit score. While not updated recently, here are some ideas for some cards that you could get if your credit is sufficient. 

By Googling Free medical Hampton VA I found these options

II. Medical services:



HELP (757)

PICH (757)

Lackey Free Clinic (Yorktown)

Newport News Free Clinic

Check out a map of options by searching on Abba List (757).

Check to see if you qualify for government-subsidized or free health insurance here. VA does not offer coverage to as wide of an audience as more democratically leaning states. 


Check to see if you qualify for government-subsidized or free health insurance here​. Higher levels of coverage are available to a more wide scope of people in more democratically leaning states. For instance, the last time I checked, one could simply be poor in IL and receive some free medical coverage, whereas in VA, one would need to be considered disabled to receive similar coverage, not just poor.

This website  includes state by state lists of free and reduced-cost medical services. Just look for your city & adjacent cities for the best options for you. 

This website,, also provides state by state lists of medical resources.

This gov website provides some additional possibilities for medical services

For glasses for kids, click here


If you currently have medical coverage, but it is not enough, consider free clinics, reduced cost clinics, & supplemental medical coverage. Sometimes even those making a high income are able to use reduced cost clinics, apply insurance, and pay less than they would elsewhere. I personally go to a reduced cost dental facility which also has other medical facilities. While those like myself that use insurance may not receive special assistance, the normal cost is lower than other facilities for similar care, so especially in areas where the copay is strictly percentage-based (i.e. dental for me), they can be very helpful. The waits tend to be longer than a traditional private facility, so I tend to bring my laptop in the building and work while waiting &/or get things done on my phone. I do the same thing when traveling to maximize my time.

For other areas, Google "Free clinic" & the city you live in or other cities nearby (especially big cities, which can be worth a long drive in some cases, & in others, can be worth mass transit rides for cheaper such as $1 rides on Megabus (look far in advance for cheapest prices), train rides with Amtrak points (their credit cards are solid, especially if you get the annual fee version, then downgrade after 11 months to the no annual fee version after acheiving the sign up bonus for the annual fee version), or flights with points). Keep in mind though that some facilities have residential requirements, income maximums, etc. Facilities exist within the US & in other countries. I once worked at such a facility in India that was a Christian hospital, dental facility, etc. Flights with points can be especially beneficial if a reputable facility is in another country or state for a major treatment or operation, but it's critical to heavily research options in 2/3 world nations even though the prices are typically cheaper, & be vaccinated for that which is unique to that country prior to going as well as take other precautions such as with the water in many 2/3 world nations.

IV. Patient Advocates:

As shared in this article, a free or low-cost advocate could be less money upfront, but worse quality than something more costly. There's the saying "You get what you pay for." Here is a resource on how to choose options once you've found some available.

"PAF Case Management - Patient Advocate Foundation"


  • PAF Case Management is free for patients and families living with a serious or chronic health condition.

  • To get services, a patient must be in, just starting or just ending treatment for a serious health condition.

  • To get services, a patients, caregiver, or healthcare provider asks for our help. It's that simple."

The Hampton Patient Advocate Foundation location has a 3.2/5 between 20 reviews on Google as of 12/13/21.

Here is a searchable tool for locating a patient advocate near you, though the nearest advocate near you may be distant for your needs.

Here is another searchable tool to find one, but the only one in SE VA is already listed elsewhere here.

Medical Care Advocacy Group (Virginia Beach) - 5.0/5 between 5 reviews on Google as of 12/13/21

Proactive Health Advocates (paid)

"Serving Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Ashland, and the Surrounding Areas"

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