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Free showers, exercise equipment use, child care, and otherwise are available at the Y for many with low income. The Hampton & Newport News locations, for example, at the time of this writing, allow those who make less than $30,000 a year and can prove it to qualify for the Guardian program where they can get into the YMCA for free. You can see the income qualification for Newport News here, and other locations here. You can see information about the Guardian program here. The Guardian program offers financial assistance, which could mean free care for services such as YMCA membership for you and your family, child care, youth sports, summer camp, and otherwise.


Obama Phone

Are you eligible? Check here or here. Apply with one of the providers here. See a similar option here


More phones:

Freedompop offers limited free phone service if you buy one of their phones. See options with Freedompop and otherwise here


You can use a free Google account to call people for free as long as you have wifi where you are and a headset including a microphone (often available for $1-7 from a thrift store). 


Free Credit help:

Here with more on their website here


More websites with services:




Suntopia -like this site, except it covers all the US Lots of state-specific assistance/services


Abba List - similar to this site. Allows you to get a map of city-specific lists of specific assistance, including for cancer, abuse, divorce, financial, grief, housing, medical/dental, parenting, pregnancy, substance abuse, adoption, clothing, elder care, food, homeless, employment, mental health, prayer, reentery, tutoring, etc. 


STOP - Lots of great resources including training for jobs, help with housing, etc. 


Virginia 211 - Various options including healthcare coverage, food assistance, child care, heating/cooling assistance, and cash assistance.

Birth Certificates/ID's


Daily Press list of resources

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